Invitation and Booking.

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Reservation for: Please enter the date of arrival and departure

Reservation type: Only club party / party with accommodation room.

Reservation for: Para / single / single

Status: New guest, Club member

Number of nights / No accommodation (only party)

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How old are you and have you been to the swingers club ?:

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We would like to remind you that Jacuzzi Club is a club for members (and the invited guests), where some specific rules and habits are used.

All guests of the club must follow all of these rules. Those who don’t respect our principles, simply disregard us and other club members and they will be absolutely thrown out the club. It might seem too radical for some people, but only because of our being firm in keeping our principles and standards, we have succeed in having created one of the biggest clubs in Europe. Because of that, even during parties for hundreds of people, all guests can feel comfortably and they don’t have to worry of some irresponsible behaving from other people.

To avoid any misunderstanding and stressful situations, please read very carefully information in “Rules” and “Visit at the club”.

*** The first time visitors.

If you were not in JacuzziClub, you fill in the form very carefully. If you do not – do not wait for our response. Even if you receive it – will be denied.