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Your first visit to the club

First step …

1. Jacuzzi Club although it is one of the biggest swingers club in Europe it is still NOT A PUBLIC PLACE. It is a private club which can be entered only by its members who obey the club internal rules.

2. Please remember that our guests enter our premises not only because they wanted but only because they have been invited by us. The same way your guests would have to obey the rules of your home you need to obey the rules of club.

3. Taking into priority the comfort of our guests we do not allow to enter guests that are influenced by alcohol or any other drugs. This rule works no matter if you have paid the entrance fee or not.

4. If someone will be drunk too much the bartender will refuse to sell him another drink. If the same person will ask some other guest to buy him drinks he/she will be automatically rejected from the list of members.

5. The main ball room is a strictly non-sex zone. This is the only such restricted place in the whole club.

6. Remember that you are not the only one who is having fun in the club. Please clean the rooms after yourselves.

7. There are no enemies in the club. We do not tolerate aggression, offensive behaviors or anything like that. If you have witnessed such thing please escalate this to our staff.

8. In the “Couple Zone” men are only forbidden to enter with accompanying women.

9. Smoking is only allowed in the big Ball Room – everywhere else it is strictly forbidden. Cigars are also not allowed – only cigarettes.

10. Phones and cameras are strictly forbidden – they must be locked in the lockers while you enter the club. Pictures can only be taken after party is over and this has to be agreed with the owners first.

11. “No means No” or “Shower first” – these rules does not need to be elaborated on, right?

Our beloved guests – feel yourself at home. Take care of yourself and for other guests like they were your guests. If that is needed please remind the rules those who forget or simply are having too much fun.

If you obey the rules – the club is always yours.

If any of the rules does not comfort you – you are free to not to enter our premises.