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If you want to visit us and be a member of our club you need to acknowledge one imperative rule…

Probably you want the guest of your house to follow your rules and therefore our guests should obey our rules.

We respect all but every good club needs to have very clearly defined profile. Clubs for everyone, there are clubs for no one ……  Our guests need to have maximum comfort and, therefore, our club is targeted ONLY to HETEROSEXUAL MEN and to HETERO/BISEXUAL WOMAN.

If you are not willing to obey all of our rules you should not consider visiting us.


Rules of the Jacuzzi Club & Resort (JC & R).


1. Jacuzzi Club is our trademark but this is not a public place. It is a PRIVATE place of the meetings of its members.


2. You need to be adult to enter the JC & R. If you want to meet with a person you need to have the verbal agreement. In our society NO means NO. You have the full support to say no to a person you don’t feel comfortble talking. If your request will not be understood we are there to be informed about this instance.


3. If you have invited someone to a party and you have been rejected please do not offer the same thing to the same person. Do not also offer any kind of things to JC & R staff – they have their own duties to fulfill. 


4. Phones and cameras are strictly forbidded on the whole area of the JC & R. All this equipment needs to be left in the locker room. If you would like to make a picture this needs to be agrred with the owners of JC & R. 


5. Casual clothes need to stay in the locker room. There is a dress code in the JC & R – beach clothing, lingerie, naked body and towels are only approved. 


6. Drink responsibly. If you or your friend has gone over the limit please go home and get some rest. Drunk guests will be rejected from the JC & R straight away. 


7. Guns, alcohol, drugs are things that are not welcome at the JC & R. 


8. There are lot of places where you can find clean bedsheets which you should take when you plan to use any of the beds at the JC & R. 


9. Please leave the pleace clean as you found it. 


10. Before going to use the Pool or Jacuzzi please use the shower. 


11. In all the inside premises of the JC & R smoking is strictly forbidden. Is only allowed in the Bar Lounge. No self made cigarettes and ciggars are allowed.


12. Act reasonably – treat others as you wish to be treated.


13. In the night stay rooms we do have curfew. Is is absolutely forbidden to organize party and disturb other guests before their trip back home. Those who will break this rule will not be allowed to stay for night in our hotel rooms. 


14. If you want to visit us with new guests you first need to have our approval for this. Also they are obliged to acknowledge with these set of rules. Remember that during their firts visit you take the full responsibility of their behaviour. Please also check if they are not signed on our Black Guest List… 


15. Our Club members are allowed to buy the Members Card which gives them certain discounts and even free entrances. Guests that have been rejected and for some reason has lost the club membership will also have their Members Card deactivated. 


16. People that are under influence of alcholo, drugs or are simply untidy will not be allowed to enter our premises. 


17. The JC & R does not also guarantee you any fun or any other erotic pleasure. The price of the entrance fees only covers the fact you enter our premises. 


18. Guests that have made a prepaid transfer for the event or night stay which for some reason was not used will get the money back. All the exact details of reservations are described under Online Booking Tab on our website. 


19. There are different zones in our resort – “Only for couples and ladies” – this zone is restricted to single men. There is also a ”Non Sex Zone” which is mainly used to relax and chill out. 


20. Guests that have been expeled for breaking any of the aforementioned rules will never be able to enter our premises again.